The significance of 8 in the year of 2008

I tend to get reflective this time of year. I go into hibernation mode and reflect upon the nature of things-usually over the past year. Recently as I was reflecting, I discovered that the number eight had appeared in my life a great deal. Some of 8’s in my life this year include:


  • the place i’m spending time now is closely connected to the number eight.
  • the phone number of my only place of employment this year had many eights.
  • a  baby born to a friend in the 8th month.
  • the last deposit to my banking account contained many eights.
  • that number has popped up a lot this year.

It is symbolic and i believe i have divined the meaning of its significant appearance in my life this year. Here’s my reading.

  • In math, eight is a power of two: my year is ending in a power of two, in my work i am part of a power of two.
  • In nuclear physics, eight is the second magic number and in many philosophies and world myths it is the beginning and it is lucky.

That’s how I’m feeling about my life and work right now. Things are at the beginning and many of us are lucky. It’s not great times right now for everyone, I recognize that. I’m not saying let them eat cake. But we have a reason for hope. There are some amazing things happening right now in our world that have the power to make life better for more people than ever before.

picture-28 in 8 ad infinitum. The beginning of lucky.

What things have you noticed in your life this year that might be trying to tell you something? It’s a good thing to think about. 🙂

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