i m msg

Individual as a medium
medium is the message
i am msg

These are some deep thoughts I’ve been trying to wind my brain around lately. Twitter has made me think about this more deeply, because I am seeing this occur in action.Twitter is fairly easy. The barrier to adoption is fairly low if you are already an Internet or mobile texting user.

250px-mediatetradsvgSo now we can all talk to each other. We all have the power to be curators and to be publishers. The power of the printing press is in our hands.

Mobile devices bring the ability to publish everything and anything in a heartbeat. Live blogging from a concert to reporting from the scene of horrible human tragedy.

Some of the tools can be hard to understand. So that’s the next thing we can work on. Now that we have this platform, let’s make it easier for people to create with it instead of wrestling with tools.

i m msg

When we think about the statement, ‘i m msg’ it’s multi-dimensional meaning is inspiring and mysterious.

It looks like something you would see in a live chat conversation. The small ‘i’ the ‘m’ abbreviation for ‘am’ and the word ‘message’ shortened to ‘msg’.

It sounds ominous and omnipresent.
marshallmcluhan>It is derived from Marshall McLuhan and current thinking about social media.

It is imperative to participate in order to understand. In essence BE the message.

Represent what you believe in.

We are all ‘i’ and so how do we use this new ability to get some good stuff done?

That’s what we should be thinking about.

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