On Work

Contact me to see examples of my Work.

Over the years my work has been focused on getting people what they need when they need it. If possible, it’s a wonderful opportunity to delight them in that journey along the way.

Any project documentation is fundamentally created to serve as a tool to communicate.
I work with teams on every project to determine the specific communication needs. Below is a list of areas I cover.

Information Architecture

Design Thinking, Innovation, Strategy and Customer Experience

  • Oracle, Sun, Cisco lead
  • Lead Strategist at Magnet 360 in conjunction with running team

UX Deliverables

  • Audience Analysis
  • Design Systems / Documentation for Design Systems
  • Site Maps
  • User Story Mapping
  • Flow Documents
  • Wireframes
  • Concept Models
  • Content Architecture
  • Content Worksheets, Inventories, Matrixes
  • IA Style Guides & High Level Architectural Guidelines
  • Writing for Guidelines and Standards
  • Prototypes for Usability Study

Research: Qualitative and Quantitative

  • In person research at events: CX Lab at Cisco, Oracle Usability Lab
  • AB tests
  • Metrics
  • Ethnographic and ride along research
  • Listening customer call centers
  • Assessments
  • Surveys
  • Persona Development
  • Heuristic Reviews
  • Site Audit Summary Report
  • Paper Prototype + Report
  • Usability Guidelines
  • Formal/Informal Usability Testing Plans + Reports
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Interviews
  • User Profile Reports
  • User Focus Group Materials

Design Systems, Standards, Governance, Process

  • Led creation of for 3M global framework, Cargill
  • Led governance and creation at Sun, Cisco, Oracle, Techies.com
  • Published in Nathan Curtis book on Design Systems
  • Defined and rolled out process
  • Adoption and Change Management

CRM, Marketing Automation and Social Media

  • Lead social strategist and IA for launch of General Mills recipe site tablespoon.com
  • Created and led strategy to develop Engagement Score for Target Corporation Stakeholder team
  • Ameriprise engage the unengaged
  • Lead on Adoption of CRM systems

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