Comical Customer Service-So Bad it’s Funny

I don’t want to be specific about where this happened, but it should not happen at a company that is well known for such “amazing customer experience”.

It’s not easy, I know. And sometimes, you just get a situation where everything continues to go wrong, so much so that at some point you have to start laughing about it. Now that it’s at a stopping point, I wanted to share it with you dear readers.

I purchased a new consumer product on New Year’s Day. It was a very exciting purchase that I felt was going to enable me to stay organized and stylish now that I was leaving the house for work. I went to the store and made the purchase. They made it pretty difficult though because of a new process that had just been put in place. I went to the store with my cash in hand hoping to just give it to someone to get my new product, but I had to work pretty hard to get someone to let me buy it.

2 weeks later a new accessory becomes available for my product. I decide to go on my birthday and get this new accessory. They don’t have any and nobody can answer my questions, but they have a number system before you can talk to anyone so I got to spend an hour of my birthday sitting around waiting to be told I can’t be helped. I’m a customer that just had to pretty much wrastle an employee to the ground to buy the product and then when I wanted to keep giving them money for my shiny new product, they still weren’t interested.

I was told the only way to get what I needed was to call someone and they could help.

I knew it would be an experience that would require much patience so I waited a week and a half to make that call. Today was the day. I was also reminded today that sometimes things really just were meant to be comically bad from beginning to end.

After two specialists and one hour and twelve minutes I got the information I needed.

Great customer experience and it’s not quite over yet, but it’s definitely reached the comical stage. So I’m laughing and meditating on what universal lesson I should be walking away with from this situation. I’m sure that will reveal itself when it needs to be known.

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