Seriously Joe

I watched both Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman last night on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

I just want to say, I don’t think Joe has gotten over that loss and the fact that he is not the vice president right now. His arguments are weak at best. And he’s not respecting the process he claims to uphold. The PEOPLE said no Joe. So just stop.

Basically the Democrats in Connecticut voted in the democratic primary. They voted for Ned Lamont and not Joe Lieberman. It was close, but the people chose Ned. Joe is now running as an ‘Independent’ democrat. So basically he thinks he knows more than the people. Which may or may not be true but we live in a two party system. It’s the reality and these days it just doesn’t feel like either choice is good. But because of the way we vote, electoral college and all, it’s impossible to break to realistically think that a third party can work. I know, I know, ‘what about Jesse Ventura?’ Well he’s the exception that proves the rule. Also that was a state election not a national one.

If you really don’t like the system you should work for voting reform. They do other things in other countries, ranking systems and such make it easy for more than two people to run. However, why would the people in power vote for a fundamental change to how they got there? It might be a threat to them so of course, they won’t change status quo. Some states are doing some work to change this but for now a two party system is our reality and the people told Joe to go and he’s disrespecting the people. Considering the job he wants is to represent the people, I think this action is pretty much in direct conflict. But then I guess the world is full of all kinds of hypocrisy. This is just more proof.

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  1. It’s always interesting to see someone go crazy on their own sense of entitlement, particularly in politics. I always say anyone who wants to run, should run, that’s democracy – but if Lieberman really wanted to stake a place as an independent he should have left the Democratic party and run as a true independent. I don’t think he’s felt the inkling of the animosity this move is going to generate as the race gets down to left versus right and he’s basically just getting in the way and obstructing the Democrat message.

    The irony is I think Lieberman could have taken some time off, considered where he went wrong and rehabilitated himself for another go at politics (though I doubt he could ever get as far as a VP candidate again). As it is I suspect this jerk move is going to end his political career.

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