Learning About Yourself and Being Honest with the Information

I am not mechanically inclined. I never have been. It’s probably a lack of patience and an general lack of manual dexterity that combine to frustrate me so much that I can’t really take the time.

As I’ve been exploring photography lately I thought it might be fun to try shooting with the same kind of camera Diane Arbus used. She used a medium format film. I found several of these on ebay and picked one up about a month ago. When it arrived it dawned on me that I needed to load the film. It did not come with instructions, so I tried, even though I am really bad at this kind of thing, to make it work. I got the film in but it was basically jammed in backwards. I left it sit for several weeks because I just didn’t know how to fix it.

Today I decided I should try to tackle it. After much frustration and in the end, a pile of broken camera and exposed film I made a decision. I am a digital photographer. Film is not for me. I tried, I was pretty good with band aid box cameras back in the day, but now without the hassle, I find a much faster and less frustrating path to expression. I’ve talked to many photographers and quite a few of them says ‘film is so much better’. I didn’t agree but everyone has their opinion, their life experience, what they get used to. I gave it a chance and my decision is this.

Digital rocks. No going back for me. That’s not to say my decision is my opinion and declaration for all, I just don’t want to spend time and frustration in place I don’t need to. Life is too short.

Digital is so much better. But that’s just me. 😉

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