fREE content Sends Strong Message

We don’t have cable. We don’t have DirectTV. We get to give all that money to Apple. YAY. We went to the store tonight and an amazing show call ’30 Days’ was available there, for free. I personally would have paid for this show, but it was free!!!!


The show is Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me Fame. The concept is that someone lives ‘a mile in another’s shoes’ for 30 days. This episode was about a Minuteman who went to live with a family of 7 illeagal immigrants in a one room apt. in LA.


Watching this put the story together. This is inhumane. Keep them out. Send them home. Do the people saying that have any idea where they are sending these people? This is human suffering for no good reason. To me, that’s not worth it.

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