Ace is the Place and Other Late Night Vacation Ramblings

I’ve been preparing for an art show of my work at my neighborhood coffee shop. I had an idea about displaying some photos in magnetic frames that I could attach to one big piece of metal. I dropped my husband off at work this morning because on our family vacation we hit a deer and he didn’t have a car. On the way home, I stopped at Ace. I found what I needed and they helped me make a really nice metal piece to attach the photos to. Sort of like a piece of your refridgerator on the wall as an art back drop. They cut holes in it for me and even helped me find material to use for hanging and fastened it together for me. And the ‘labor was free’.

It worked for a piece I’ve been working on that finally came together entitled ‘American Gothic Barbie’.

It’s been a crazy week or two. My computer died last week as I was trying to prepare for vacation. Needless to say I left work with a couple of things hanging, but what’s a computer geek to do. When a hard drive goes, it’s gone. Luckily, I’m a true geek and it was backed up, but it’s a massive disruption. In the middle of it my husband and I decide to drastically change our phones. I still don’t have the info from my old phone transferred to the new one. There was a vacation in the middle of everything. So it all stopped (supposedly). But, on our way to the vacation, we hit a deer. We were 4 miles from our destination. We were ok. The car needs some serious tender love and care. We had just switched to Progressive Insurance and I’m thrilled we did. They made it extremely pleasant. The cabin we were at with my family was so far out we didn’t have cell phone access. They took care of it even though they couldn’t consistently contact us, they kept moving things forward. Our car was towed back to the Twin Cities for us and will be fixed and returned shortly.

When we got home from vacation many email and other activity awaited including the fact that I need to prepare to show my work at Cuppa Java the coffee shop in my neighborhood. Somehow I got on the list to show my work. I didn’t sign up, it’s a mystery. I got a call last month from Bob, the owner of Cuppa Java, if I was ready for my July show. I was very confused and as we spoke further, we concluded I should try to show in August. Bob was able to cover July and the August artist disappeared, so I’m up.

If you are interested in checking my art out, please stop by the coffee shop after August 1st.

My photos and paintings:
Cuppa Java
400 Penn Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

As for the deer, it was over immediately.
And my computer still doesn’t have email.
And my gmail in box has over 100 emails I have to read.
And my podcast is woefully overdue.

Digital life takes maintenance and it’s impossible to maintain when the computer is out.

I guess the lesson here is, always have a spare computer?


  1. As someone who just went through a dreadful death of a laptop, my ‘spare’ desktop machine proved extremely valuable once again, even though it is woefully out-of-date. Congrats on the art display at Cuppa Java. Very cool indeed!

  2. wow. what a week! of course you dealt with it and have even documented it with your ususal sense of grace, humor, and dignity. i can’t wait to see your art- and to see you!

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