Things That Make Me Sorta Sad

WARNING: Some links in this post take you to web sites that blare ‘Melt With You’ really loudly.-Just thought you should know.

——————END WARNING———————-

I never see commercials these days, but I was preparing dinner while watching tivoed content and was not forwarding as usual through the commercials.

Melt With You, by Modern English was the background music for ‘sexy’ new ritz crackers with vegetables.

Apparently, it’s also licensed for online usage.


  1. I totally agree. I got sad as well when I heard it. And I believe it was pre-dinner thing also. Very fond memories of hearing that song in the student union of UW Madison one evening back in 85 and wanting to jump around and dance. And now… crackers. Its wrong.

  2. Brings a tear to my eye as well. This is what happens when we grow up and work in advertising. Nothing is sacred anymore. It’s best to skip the commercials. 😉

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