Corporate America, Behave !

If you are something public, everyone can find out when you do things that may not be in the consumers best interest. This is a good way for all of us to force accountability back on the corporations of the world. The people have a voice now, this is very important that they can now very efficiently share with everyone else interested in the same type of products, services, etc. We are watching and can make things better as a collective. My husband likes to say, “In the age of the Internet, everyone’s a secret shopper.” Everyone can be that one post on the Internet that could ruin a PR manager’s day.

I site this example. There was an occurence at a Staples store and it turned into a long and complicated story. One person thought they had an unfair experience and they were able to get a company to respond. The company has responded and even been given the opportunity to defend themselves which they have taken.

This kind of opportunity for discourse is a beautiful thing.

Yay Internet.

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