Why This Time Of Year Bums People Out

I have several friends and family that really have a tough time right around the end of December. Sure, there is lots of fun and celebration. Many religions have very momentous events to commemorate.

However, the Capitalism wake takes a heavy toll on all of us. It is the type of economy we live in so I accept it as my reality. I buy presents at this time of year because I know my country is depending on me to spend my money on all kinds of stuff neither myself or any of my loved one’s really needs. Sometimes there are pleasant surprises, but that’s a whole set of expectations to meet. You don’t want to disappoint anyone. You don’t want sadness cause by you. Everybody must be happy and buy stuff. NOW. AND LOTS OF IT.

And on December 31st, the ultimate secular holiday, New Year’s Eve. It always seems like there is so much messaging out there that makes you think you need to spend that last night of the previous year having the best time you ever had. I mean come on, that’s a lot of pressure. How can that be fun.

There are massive myth telling activities happening too. I have a friend who questions this ‘myth’ of Santa and doesn’t really want to tell her son this odd little fib. She wants to let him know that mommy and daddy love him and not that some person he’ll never see is watching him to see if he’s naughty or nice and judging him. When you put it that way, can you really argue with her? I don’t think so.

So it’s stressful and full of expectations and false hopes. I think that might be why some of the people I know get bummed out.

I’m not trying to devalue any joy that is derived from this time of year for any of my dear readers. I wish everyone the best, this time of year and well, all times of year.

Any joy that can be derived from activity that does not harm others can’t be all bad.

So if you are feeling bummed out right now, focus on a little joy and let the rest go…….

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