Developers should NOT, I repeat NOT develop user experiences

Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are amazing techies. They build code that makes things function in ways I could never imagine (on the back end) However, they should not ever design user experiences. The brain of a developer works in a very different manner. They don’t necessarily think about the user in a empathetic manner. They think about their system and how obviously someone should be able to figure it out. I mean of course the user spends time on all of our sites and applications and understands it’s a system that works in such a logical way….

User’s aren’t logical (necessarily) they are in a hurry and don’t spend nearly the time on something that you do! You’ve got to keep it simple, not logical, simple. I know how counter intuitive that sounds, but I should know I get lost more than most people. It is this trait that makes me that much better at the work I do.

This is a time of specialists, let us UXP people create the front and I promise I won’t write any code.

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  1. Kind of funny that I’ve recently been frustrated about people overstepping their boundaries. It’s even worse when you have people from the BUSINESS making user experience decisions for you. It gives you perspective on how much progress we have yet to make!

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