OK, we get it! You’ve got the Power.

I am so sick of this.

“Reuters: Bush would veto House bill on stem cells.
President George W. Bush (L) is applauded by the Rev. Charles Chaput (R), archbishop of Denver, as he departs the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton, May 20, 2005. Bush asked attendees to ‘pray that America uses the gift of freedom to build a culture of life. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)”

YAY, you’re religious, good for you. God is on your side! that’s right! Truly religious people don’t wear it on their sleeve like that, seems a bit like a vexation of the spirit…..because he’s not on the side of anyone else that’s religious, just you. somehow you are THAT special.

and then,

So we’ve got this insantity going on in the Senate, boohoo why aren’t my judges getting a VOTE. Your judges have almost all been confirmed. But I know, you’re sad because you’re only hitting like what 97% of your judges getting in. And those people activists anyway, legislating from the bench DAMN THEM!

i’m the boy king!

ok, i get it.

now, can we please get back to caring about the actual freakin people in the country!

It is appalling what power has done to all of you. It’s kind of disgusting. And I don’t think that the inability of the other side to bring it down a notch doesn’t go unnoticed.

We all suck. People can just really suck. It’s sad. But I guess you have to fill your life and surround yourself away from that noise. Out of protection. That’s how they get you. When you aren’t paying attention.


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  1. Comment from Pancho: (manual copy transferred from blogger blog)

    Well…nothing about your last comment… but i putted atention in your nick
    And i commend you a song called “evol” from “Aguaturbia”

    Greetings from Chile man!

    By pancho, at 8:29 PM

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