Women Speakers & Leaders at User Experience Event

The annual Information Architecture Summit is an event that would make Ada Lovelace proud. The practice of Information Architecture and building User Experiences draws on the two worlds from which she came, art and science.

At the end of the conference, Karl Fast-who was there to represent his wife, Samantha Bailey, got up and spoke. She was at home with their newborn and her mother-in-law.

Karl called for everyone to share the reasons they love the IA Summit on Flickr. I imagined that if Ada was there, this is what her sign would have said.


The event occurred this past weekend and it was a very impressive line up of speakers in the technology field. Over 30 different women presented or spoke or participated in pre-conference sessions as leaders.

They were all amazing and it was very encouraging to see so many solid thoughts, themes and work being done by women in my field.

At the end of the event, any participant can come up to the microphone and comment on what they thought of the event. One person that chose to get up and share their thoughts pointed out the fact that the conference had so many women speakers and that he was very happy to see it. The conference chairs were also women. Samantha Bailey was the chair and I (Jennifer Bohmbach) was the co-chair of the event. We were very proud that our balance of speakers was so strong.

This is the list of women speakers from the event, the full list is on the site:

  1. Karen McGrane
  2. Adelle Frank
  3. Chiara Fox
  4. Margaret Hanley
  5. Lisa Colvin
  6. Cindy Chastain
  7. Donna Spencer
  8. Melissa Matross
  9. Dorothy May
  10. Christina Wodtke
  11. Dorelle Rabinowitz
  12. Sanda Katiala
  13. Samantha Starmer
  14. Adrienne Massanari
  15. Naomi Norman
  16. Colleen Jones
  17. Rachel Lovinger
  18. Kristina Halvorson
  19. Erin Malone
  20. Olga Howard
  21. Kate Rutter
  22. Sarah Rice
  23. Whitney Hess
  24. Jenn Anderson
  25. Livia Labate
  26. Christine Boese
  27. Kyle Soucy
  28. Lorelei Brown
  29. Hallie Wilfert
  30. Lori Baker
  31. Indi Young
  32. Leah Buley
  33. Melissa Rach
  34. Keri Majala
  35. Stephanie Hale
  36. Erin Scime
  37. Laura Melcher
  38. Margot Bloomstein
  39. Elena Melendy
  40. Margret Hanley
  41. Rachel Lovinger
  42. Shelly Bowen
  43. Crystal Kubitsky

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