Thursdays Are My Favorite Day

So it’s a good day to start a new job. On a Thursday. The week is in full swing, almost winding down. You can get a feel for the place, but you don’t have the whole week in front of you. There is time to adjust and reflect over a weekend. It’s a big adjustment because I’ve been out of an office and at home for three years. But it turns out, it’s good for me to be around people too.

In homage to the first day of school pics my mom always took of me, I asked Thomas to oblige.


Note the EG brand colors incorporated into the ensemble.

This blog post dedicated to Amy and Livia because they asked. 😉


  1. Woo hoo! you’re looking fabulous. I’m glad 1st day went well! I’ll be looking forward to hearing how the new experience goes.

  2. i’m still doing a little happy dance about how AWESOME today was. truly… knowing you and working with you is a gift!

  3. evr since i was 13 . i have woke said out loud on thursday”happy thursday”
    to my family and one i love. may it bring wonderfull things.
    i am glad to see someelse-digs THURSDAYS!!


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