If you don’t already know about Facebook and privacy

You should be aware.

Here’s a New York Times article so you can get the background story.

If you are not a fan of this kind of approach to privacy at Facebook, check out this message from Moveon.org and sign the petition if you don’t agree with Facebook.

From Moveon.org site:

When you buy a book or movie online–or make a political contribution–do you want that information automatically shared with the world on Facebook? Most people would call that a huge invasion of privacy. But social networking site Facebook began doing just that. People across the country saw private purchases they made on other sites displayed publicly to everyone they know on Facebook. Why? To benefit corporate advertisers. Other sites are looking at Facebook’s example to see if they can get away with similar privacy breaches. We need to draw a line in the sand–making clear that the wish lists of corporate advertisers must not come before the basic privacy rights of Internet users.

Let’s get Facebook to stop invading our privacy. Sign the petition.

Then join the Facebook group “Facebook, stop invading my privacy!” and tell your friends.


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