A Sea Change

I love my job. I view my job as something that is a personal project that I want very much to succeed at. The stakes are higher for me. One thing I like about my job is that it challenges me to make sense of how the internet communication space is changing. It is a constant evolution and I am so amazed by it. So, the point of all that, you ask? The point dear reader is that is what made me realize the sea change. Because I have a good job at a smart company I am encouraged to explore and understand new ideas that will make us better. I recently picked up a few books. I try to limit the number I get because I can only consume so much content. I just happened to look down at my desk today and the books that I saw made me see a new picture when they were grouped together.


A new picture that told a familiar story. It’s still all about people. People + conversations=content, community, authenticity.

I haven’t read thru all of these yet. I’ll let you know what I think after I finish my studies. The beginning of Naked Conversations says it’s a continuation of Cluetrain and I had a very enlightening experience with that after re-reading it recently.

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