SUDUKO ate my brain (AKA the case of the mysterious beeping sound)

The other day my husband and I had a angst ridden experience trying to chase down the source of a very high beep. It seemed to be emanating from nowhere. The middle of the room. Out of thin air. If you put your head under the desk, the sound got quiter. The sound wasn’t present outside the room. The sound was not in the closet. It was mystifying. We unplugged everything. It was a total deconstruction. We had to take the most ‘electronic’ room in our house. The room with the most batteries and items with batteries and cleanse it of batteries to find the source of the noise. This was no small task. It’s an office, there are many batteries.

And yet the sound continued. We grew confused. How could this be, we thought we had removed EVERYTHING. we had not obviously. and then i saw it. it was under a basket that contained papers and some cd’s. it was beeping. a high pitched sound that could eventually drive someone mad if the source had not been located.

Suduko! it really ate our brains that night. The whole night did not go as planned after that. Everything was turned upside down after the stress and confusion of trying to locate a high pitched ‘my battery is dying sound’. You can imagine the relief when the sound was eradicated. My husband and I laughed til we almost cried. We recovered, but not without an altered opinion of the device/game Suduko. That’s a really good thing to test with consumers. That freaked us out and it was impossible to tell it was the game. Our world just gets more interesting and confusing. Another great example, Suduko.

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