Off To Canada

I’m flying away to Vancouver, Canada today. I’m heading out to attend the 7th Information Architecture Summit. I’ve made it to this conference for 5 of the 7 and it’s been a big part of my career as an Information Architect. I’ve learned, seen, and evolved over that time. I’ve been doing this IA thing now for more than 7 years. I remember that first conference. It was such a rush to actually meet other people that had a job such as was describe in the O’Reilly Polar Bear Book. A third edition of that book has been commissioned by the original authors.

It’s been a thrill to be part of something like this. It’s given my career that sense of adventure and challenge I didn’t think was possible when I was in college. I never dreamed I’d be doing this. Now it’s off the Canada to meet up with my peers internationally and find out what’s been going on out there.

On my way home I get to stop by the campus in Menlo Park and meet with my co-workers about big project stuff. I’ll miss my husband and my doggies a ton. A week is a very long time when you are away from home. But as with all things there are trade-offs and I think they’d agree that this trade-off in order to be home all the time the rest of the time is a bargain.

On the road, new perspectives to be had. See you in Canada.

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