Rock and Roll Photographer

I’ve been getting more serious about my photography hobby. I’m going to my last session of the workshop I am in with artist Wing Young Huie in the morning. I’m reflecting a bit on what this workshop has done for me in terms of advancing my skills, abilities and interests as a photographer.

Tonight I went to see my friend Leslie Rich play his guitar at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis, MN. I decided to take my camera along as it seemed a very good opportunity to find some fantastic photos. I’ve been working on conquering a fear of asking people to take their picture. Strangers always present fascinating photographic possibilities. Sometimes you need to ask them if it’s ok with them that you take their picture. I had not been able to do that until tonight. I asked these two young ladies in coordinating hats if I could take their picture. It was great. They were really something to see together. I did not do them justice in my photos, but the last one I took they were emailing me so I could send them the pics. That one turned out pretty well. I’m posting the pictures on flickr and sending them the link.

I also had a really interesting idea about how to illustrate all the fear that surrounds us. This could be a fascinating photo exploration. I’m having all kinds of ideas. It’s a very exciting and creative time for me and my photography.

Oh and you were probably wondering about the rock and roll photographer. I was one tonight. I was outside with my friend Les after he played and I was wearing my camera. A person standing outside with us called me the personal photographer of the musician. Which technically makes me a rock and roll photographer. 😉

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