They Say Deaths Come In Threes

I wonder why there is this triad. I know in my life when there has been a death, there have always been two more to follow. Women all over the country have lost three strong, important and diverse figures in the last few days. When I woke up yesterday and heard that Betty Friedan had died, it was the third. Wendy Wasserstein, Coretta Scott King and Betty Friedan are gone now. We are sadder for it. Thank you ladies, we’ll miss your influence and the things you might have done. I am extremely grateful to all of you for the things that you did do.

I have one very fond memory of a Wendy Wasserstein play. It was a college show I was in. It was an excerpt from one of Ms. Wasserstein’s plays. I had a sign and I marched for ‘Women in Art’. It was one of the best scenes and one of the best characters I ever experienced and I have her to thank for that.

I’m sure all of these women touched so many people they never even met. The only thing to do now is to keep that memory and let it inspire us to do better with the time we have left.

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