Organized Free Time

If you know me, you know I like to take pictures. I started a photography workshop with a local artist this Saturday. It’s a six week workshop. My stated goal for the sessions is to use this time as focused gumption building time. I want to start several projects that will become something else later and reach completion outside the bounds of the workshop. The artist in charge of the workshop completely understands this objective. To begin again is my objective. We are always beginning again. I’m going through a series of steps with my blossoming hobby to acheive, shall we say, the next level.

I’m printing out all my contact sheets and cataloging them. At the same time I am taking a big batch of new photos each day. I’m getting inspired in the new photos by some of the old photos. I’m experiencing fond memories and a general flashback time period. That’s the next step with digital photography. Experiencing it in the way you experience film photos that you just dug up out a shoebox or an old album you flipped through. I was at my friend Kat’s house the other day and she did just that. She pulled out some boxes with pictures and some old albums. That’s the next step I want to take my photography to. Creating meaningful interactions around the images.

The images inspire us. Everything is an imprint if you just change your perspective a degree. A moment in time. Captured.

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