Update on It’s Best to Be Patient……

The car saga continued the next day. I was very excited to go out to my new car and get in and drive the next day. I got in the car and the emergency brake…..was STUCK. Of course in a rental car there are no manuals in the cars as to how the parts of the cars actually work. (being a user experience practicioner let me tell you-cars are the worst for usability….so a manual is essential in some cases)


So I had to call roadside assistance again. They were pretty upset about the fact that the tow truck driver put the emergency brake on when parked on a flat surface. They wanted to know what tow company it was. I said I had no idea, just please help me. In the end I just had to pull really really hard to get the brake off, luckily the roadside assistance guy was patient. Even though most of the horrible user experience was due to the tow truck driver, I’m going to name names now. It was Budget Car Rental. And really they aren’t even cheaper. I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t book with them again.

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