The End of November

It’s really cold here in Minnesota. It should be cold this time of year. It’s the change of the season. I always marvel at the very real and very visceral experience of winter in Minnesota. It’s the same in South Dakota where I grew up. Sometimes I think its actually a bit worse in South Dakota because of all those sprawling praries. Really is nowhere to hide.

This is also the time of year when the people that live here ask themselves the question, ‘why do i live here…..’.

I live here because I like it when the seasons change. I’m also used to it. I grew up with this weather. It’s also the lesser of the other evils for me. I have the luxury of being a bit less concerned about natural disasters such as oceans flooding me or earthquakes. I’m also pretty removed from forest fire concerns. The only scary natural weather here are the tornadoes and I can deal with tornadoes. I have a basement and I live in the city. This makes me pretty insulated from all of these various nature issues. All except that one that makes me wonder why I live here. Winter.

I think the real answer to the question is that every year around late March/early April it’s the most ecstatic amazing thrill when the snow begins to melt and that first warm spring day comes and you go outside in shorts in weather that is too cold for shorts. Usually it’s the first 40 degree day. You might even drive around with your car windows down. Spring just isn’t as sweet if you haven’t been hiding inside for the past several months. That’s why I love it. The pure joy that comes in the spring is worth all the rest of it.

And as December begins and we hunker down for the next few months laying low and trying to stay warm and dreaming of that first day, that first warm day.

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