Something About This Time Of Year

I don’t think everyone feels this way, but this time of year is kind of hard on people. There are expectations, false hopes, obligations, myths, and endless activities that may not mean much in the end. It seems to heighten every year. It’s important to some religions and it’s very important to capitolism that this time of year is very very jolly.

I think it’s stressful too. We make ourselves crazy over the smallest details. We imbue significant meaning into activity that might be time better spent just being quiet with people you love.

So this time of year, ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Think about your actions and really think about the people around you. We should be thinking about these people all the time, not just this time of year, because we are supposed to. I’m not trying to lecture anyone, just questioning the status quo. It’s always good to think about your actions and because of how busy this time of year gets, you might forget to take a breath or two, relax, enjoy and approach your acts of kindness and generosity with mindfulness. If you are mindful you might be able to save just a little ‘comfort and joy’ for yourself.

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