A Disappointing Customer Experience

As part of my new healthy lifestyle I’ve been eating at Quizno’s the sub restaurant. The unfortunate thing is that I’m limited to 3 sandwiches based on my desire to know the nutritional information in my food and make choices based on knowledge. I have visited the web site several times over the past year and a half. I have requested nutritional information each of these times. I waited for a couple months between each inquiry and sadly nobody ever responded. It’s not just one email that got lost, I’m talking about several emails over a period longer than a year. I finally decided on Monday that this was just not acceptable anymore. So I called 411 for the phone number for corporate HQ. I knew where it was because of information on the web site so I was able to request the right state and city. The web site did not contain the phone number just the address. 411 gave me the number for a store in Denver which is where it is located. I didn’t want a store number I wanted corporate but I figured out I had been connected to a store and I asked them for the corporate number.

I got through to the corporate office. This is where it all started to go wrong. The first person I talked to was the receptionist. She didn’t even try to answer my question or get me to someone that could. She kept saying it’s on the web site like some sort of trained parrot monkey. Finally after some reluctance she transferred me to customer service.

Customer Service must not be the name of the department based on how the call went from there. The customer service rep was telling me the information was on the web site. I explained that only three sandwiches were detailed on the web site. She said that was all they had and then mentioned something very vague about ‘our nutritionists’. The way she said this made me feel as if she didn’t actually have any nutritionists. “When we have more information it will be posted on the web site” she said.

I asked if there was a timeline for this information. “No” she said.

I then explained to her that I wouldn’t even be calling if someone had responded to one of my many emails over the past year. She was quiet. More silence came out of the other end of the phone and I continued, “I guess I won’t be able to shop at your store until you get more information….”

Without really waiting for me to finish, she said, “I’m sorry about that” in a very sarcastic tone and then she hung up.
She did not care about my business or my interest in further information about her companies products.

I guess she didn’t think about the fact that I might tell others of the ‘stellar’ (sarcasm) customer service from Quizno’s but what do you expect from a company that uses a creepy baby that hits on hot babes in its commercials.

All I’m asking for is the ability to be informed. I deserve to know what I’m eating. Every single product on the grocery store shelf has to tell me. Starbuck’s tells me for gawd’s sake. Quiznon’s biggest competitor, Subway tells you EVERYTHING. Get over yourself Quizno’s and give me the data!

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  1. Similar experience here, although I have not made the attempt to give them a ring. The store clerks have no info and say all they have is on their website. Unacceptable is my response to Quiznos. If you want people to eat at your resturaunt, you need to tell people what is in your food.

    One would assume that the 3 sandwiches that they do list are their ‘best’ bet nutritionally speaking though. I noticed they all are listed at 6g, which seems to be in response to Subway’s 6g of fat or less campaign. On the balance though, these seem to have more fat than their Subway counterparts and one of them also contains a ridiculous amount of sodium. The SMALL Turkey Lite sandwich contains 80% of your recommended daily sodium intake – ouch. (http://www.dietfacts.com/html/items/7697.htm)

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