Goin Fast

Sometimes you actually witness karma in front of your eyes. It’s amazing when that happens. I saw it the other day on my way to the pharmacy. I was driving down Hennepin away from downtown and toward uptown. Several cars were stopped at a red light and this very erratic driver came up buzzing like a bee to get in front. I drove at a steady pace. She was so intent on going fast. There was this urgency that made her dangerous. The car intermittently got in front of me and behind me. We were both, it seemed, headed toward the same destination. She kept weaving and changing lanes to get ahead. She had to get ahead. But it would just get her behind. Meanwhile she was blathering away on her phone and causing havoc. She was a danger to others, but that didn’t seem to phase her. I was getting upset.

(Sidenote for Context: My father was killed in a car accident so I’m particularly indignant when people drive in a way that could negatively affect other human beings. Carelessness in driving is not something I appreciate.)

As it turned out we were going to the same place. I went to Walgreen’s. She had turned off ahead of me. I went into the pharmacy and picked up my medication. I turned around and crazy driving cell phone girl was standing behind me. She was waiting. She was waiting impatiently and she was clutching her cell phone. She had no idea I’d been watching her and observing her and using her behavior to tell an amusing story about her. I have no idea who she is. It’s all just what you see when you observe.

And then I thought, there it is, Karma. Don’t see that too often.

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