The Mirror Project

Online collaboration is one of the most excellent things that has been made possible by the Internet. I’ve been particularly interested in these kinds of projects lately. I found this oneThe Mirror Project, recently. I had heard of it before and finally decided it was time to check it out. I submitted this week and my photos got accepted and now part of that bigger project. I’m happy to contribute to this and more online collaborations. It’s inspirational to see the things that people can do when they have common interests.

I’ve got 3 photos out there so far, but I take quite a few pictures with mirrors, so I’ll be submitting more. They limit you to 3 a week which is very smart. This makes it so there isn’t a significant domination of one photographer or another.

These are my pictures so far…..

If you’ve taken pictures of yourself in the mirror, you should consider submitting too……

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