Pondering my relationship with work

Most people I know work. We have jobs because we have to for the most part. But there is more to it than that. I have chosen the path I’m on based on a passion for doing good work and doing no harm. It’s hard if you want to be good. You have to put in extra effort and it drains you completely some days. Other days you are so productive you feel amazing. It’s rewarding and fulfilling.

I appreciate the opportunities I have had. I have been places that make me better today and not everyone is that lucky.

You can measure you passion level for your work if you both love and hate it. If you feel luke warm or are generally content then you probably don’t care that much and that’s ok as long as you are doing what they’re paying for. Not everyone has to be a rock star. Not everyone can be a rock star. And lastly not everyone should be a rock star.

When you are passionate, it gives you energy. This in turn makes you feel alive. Your work fills a very real need for you individually because it makes you feel that you are contributing value to the world around you. Honestly some people don’t think about it this much and that’s ok too.

It’s a wild west phase II. I like doing this for a living. I organize information for people. The exciting part is that it’s happening at a time when people really need my help. That’s cool. I’m glad to help.

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