On the Road-Perspective

There is something about being in a country other than your own that brings you new energy. I’m in Montreal, CA. This is an amazing city. I have only been to Canada three times. The first two visits were trips to Toronto. The first visit was the infamous blackout in 2003. I had just arrived at the airport when I discovered, I was not flying out that day. There was no power. Even though it was a crazy blackout crisis, I had a place to stay water to drink, access to food, and an insurmountable sense of humor. I was on the 13th floor. (Yes, some hotels still have those…) It seemed so ironic. But being in Canada, I felt perfectly calm about it.

I found Canada to be a most agreeable place to be. I am not prone to the boastful ways of my American counterparts (stereo type) and I find the Canadians to be so friendly and so polite that it is a joy to be a guest in their country.

My third trip to Canada, I am lucky enough to be in Montreal. This city is so lovely. I am entranced. I’m here for professional reasons. A conference if you must know, but that is utterly beside the point. I want to stay here. I love the people, the food, the vibe. The only thing missing is my wonderful partner and my doggies.

What I like and appreciate the most is stepping out of my normal routine. We should all challenge ourselves to do that often. A foreign country, even another region in your native country opens your eyes to the world around you. You notice the new in the new place and when you go home again, you see that world with new eyes. I’ve learned so much, shopped, eaten amazing cuisine and spent quality time with some quality people and had a good reminder about an important concept.

Appreciate. Life is too short to not be awake for every lovely gift. Friends are precious, rare and sometimes truly amazing. It is an honor and a blessing to be able to know what you want to do with your life. I found my profession through a series of crazy events. Each event led me to the place I find myself today. You build your life one moment at a time. Appreciate those moments. Be awake for the new perspecitve. Embrace the new, take comfort in the old and constantly push forward.

Life is an evolution.

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