Baseball And Coming Full Circle

One year ago on the opening day of the home season at Target Field, we began our remodeling construction adventure. We had already been planning for over a year. The flood that started the whole thing happened in Jan. 2009. In reality, the house was unbeknownst to us, a fixer upper. So this was it. We embarked on it.

We attended opening day 2011 at Target Field and were giddy at the reminder that we were going to get to go home after the game. Most of last season we went to our temporary home after the game, the Lofts at the 710. This was a very nice place to stay temporarily, but it was a sign of disruption and an incomplete home.

So in the end, we did not go home to this building. It was a truly joyous day as it signified closure to a huge phase in our life. We are now happily enjoying the fruits of everyone’s labor on project Winterview.

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