Empathy for the Introvert

In an empty theater, I watched a matinee of The Social Network. The only people there were me and my husband. Granted, it was a Monday afternoon, but it was strange to be all alone in the theater. The experience was even more heightened as we had purchased the ‘deluxe’ tickets in the balcony.

I’ve been particularly strident about Facebook. Its pull and power have concerned me. The lack of my ability to manage my information on the site is what has me still resisting its pull. But it cannot be ignored. So I went to the movie.

I know that it is a STORY. But it got me thinking about the narrative of Mark Zuckerberg’s life. Pretty intense. I don’t feel I’ve given enough thought to what it must have been like to create the facebook. The story the movie told is not 100% accurate I’m sure. However, it provided me with some empathy for Mr. Zuckerberg, an introvert. I like the simplicity of the story. Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy builds software in response. The last scene of the movie punctuates this narrative.

I appreciate the perspective that art brought to me on the topic of Facebook. The reality of this phenom is something I have to deal with as a digital citizen. I think they can get it right. The movie (the art) even gave me a little hope that might be more likely than I realized.

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