Digtial DNA

What does your persona look like online? A nifty web tool goes out to find all the references to your name and creates a digital DNA. The one challenge is that all the people that share your name get grouped into it. I happen to be lucky as I have not found another Jennifer Bohmbach who has a web foot print. Click the image for a full size version.



  1. Whelp, doing my name (my proper name, anyway) rated me roughly 12.5% books, 62.5% sports, and 25% music. Still some bugs in there possibly. Using the most common shortening of my first name returns a more complex portrait, but there’s still way too much “sport”.

  2. This was interesting to find that I have “no digital traces”, because it disregards all things that “it deems less interesting”. So apparently I am just less interesting and worthy of a persona DNA.

    Cool concept, though. Thanks for sharing!

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