Social Media Hype

When I find myself in discussions with companies about social media these days, there is one thing that is common. People tend to be focused on the hype and one specific aspect of social media they have heard of. Many people and companies are feeling the pressure to get a Facebook page and twitter to the world. Some of them have heard about wikis and are demanding these magical tools be installed at their company. Now that may sound a little harsh, but it’s really common. It’s understandable too. It’s difficult to navigate through what is happening with new web sites and services that promote and enable different and creative ways of interacting.

Our world is turned upside down. It’s a whole new level of the Internet and it’s not necessarily relevant for every single business and brand on the planet. However, everyone is feeling the pressure because there is all kinds of activity.

If you step back, you can succeed in the confusion and fray. Start with an objective and use the tactics of ‘social media’ to execute and experiment. Communication has always been important for a company to succeed. The term social media describes services and web sites that allow people to connect in ways they have not previously had access to experience.

I remember the same thing happening when I started working on the web in 1994. In a few years time everyone needed a web site. They didn’t always know why, but they needed the site. Even though that certainly is more true than is was then, it’s not useful if the web site doesn’t serve a purpose for the business.

As the Internet provides us amazing new adventures every day, it important to keep your eye on the prize. What does your business do and does that require interacting with people in new ways? Maybe connecting your employees is a good place to start. If one thing holds true, social media activity requires authenticity and full disclosure.

We are all learning, but don’t get confused by the new terms and shiny objects. Stick to your goal for your business and focus on connecting to your customer. That’s all the ‘social media’ you need.

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