Bridging the Distance

img_0004When someone in your family is having surgery and you can’t be there, it’s a comfort that technology enables you to be closer.

My mom had back surgery today. Thanks to SMS I got updates from my sister all day long. I was also able to send funny messages to entertain my poor sister.

She must have been bored out of her mind. But we had a connection. That was so comforting to me. It was just much more convienent than a phone. I am working and need to continue doing that and a phone call takes all of your attention.

SMS just delivered the messages-like sending comfort vibes through the air.

‘It went well…..’

‘I’m just hanging out here waiting….’.

Whew. Even though I will be going home soon to help, I could not be there today. And thanks to my two awesome sisters, my mom is in great hands.

These devices just keep bringing us closer to each other. And the reasons – the stories – about why that is important are what makes it such an amazing time to be alive. It’s a smaller world than ever before.

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