Blending the Personal & the Professional

As long as I have been blogging, I have considered this venue/blog/web site a personal project. I am aware that anyone can find it. My name is all over it. If information about me is being sought, it’s likely this content will be located.

However, it is positioned as a personal space.

Since I’ve recently become an independent contractor, it is now by necessity, professional space as well. At least for blogging. When I worked at Sun, I had a professional blog, I named the blog, “Organizing Principles”. It included all of my big thoughts on IA, Social Media and the future of the Internet. I continued that tradition when I moved to EatonGolden and was the head of IA & Social Media. It was important to me to be professionally blogging as someone who held the title Director of Information Architecture & Social Media. So my professional insights about UX and the web 2.0 world lived there.

Now it is me. I am personal and I am professional. It’s all the same anyway because on the Internet, you can search. 😉

Now brought to you by Jennifer Bohmbach, evoljennifer, evoljen, jb, jbohm, evol:

My Holistic Blog

It’s my next social media experiment.





It’s all mixed together in this crazy Cut & Paste world we live in now. 🙂

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