A UX Professional Practicing Independently

I recently had a career change occur. I am now working for myself as an independent contractor. It was an unplanned career change but not one that was unwelcome. I have spent many years acquiring knowledge at companies and consultancies. I have seen many situations, environments, and challenges. I have worked at several different and interesting places:

  • 2 years at a start-up that grew from me as employee #33 to over 500 employees in a matter of months.
  • 3 years at a high tech company that was fast paced, internal UX taught me the value of systems across many very complicated messages
  • I’ve spent many years consulting at big and small places. I’ve worked in many industries on many different experiences including:  software, web apps, web sites, interactive storytelling, mobile web sites and theatrical performance.

I actually started my Internet career as an independent contractor. Over a decade later, it’s time I’m back. I feel I can apply my hard earned professional lessons and diverse background to helping clients as an individual. There won’t be anything in between me and my work. I can do the right thing for the client. I love the work and I want to help people. As long as I can do that, I’ll feel that I’m doing a good job as a professional and for myself.

I was inspired earlier this year by Whitney Hess and Erin Malone who also took the plunge to be on their own. I’d been thinking about it and all of a sudden the decision was made. Some times things in the universe line up and the doors just open.

So thanks universe. I’m off to go help some clients. 🙂


  1. Jennifer, if you ever need anything at all — someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to vent to, anything — please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You have a great presence and I know you can do this. Best of luck!

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