Best Arena Show Ever

weezercrowdWeezer was amazing Friday night. I blogged from the event before they took the stage. I had to post again about the actual show because it was that good. It was 2 hours of almost everything they’ve done. They came out in white jumpsuits and started with their older music. Then a few songs in they took the white jumpsuits off and revealed the red jump suits. This is when they began playing from their new album, known as the red album.

They played and played. The energy was high and the showmanship was amazing. Some people may think from the surface lyrics of the latest album that frontman Rivers Cuomo has a huge ego. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Those lyrics are clearly satirical. He was continually giving props to the other band members throughout the show. It’s truly a collaborative group. Everyone in the band sung at least one song. There was lots of instrument changing up throughout the show. They also invited the lead singer and the drummer out from the opening band, Angels and Airwaves, to join them for Undone-The Sweater Song.

And just when you thought, no way they’ll do an encore, they gave the crowd some more. Earlier that day, they had the radio station rustle up a bunch of locals. That group got to come up and play musical instruments onstage with Weezer. They played two songs with Weezer and Rivers even had parts for the audience. The first song, Island in the Sun, included a ‘hip, hip’ lyric and clap part for the audience. For the second song, Beverly Hills, Rivers invited the men to sing the ‘Beverly Hills, that’s where I wanna be’ with all the ladies in the house following that up with a ‘Gimme, gimme’ lyric.

Next the local musicians left the stage, Weezer left the stage and a stage hand brought out a record player. He put on a single red album of the song, Heart Songs. Right after the lyrics, “my roommate said, “C’mon” and put a brand new record on it had a baby on it, he was naked on it….” Rivers kicked the record player over in a dramatically Nirvana style and they launched into Nirvana’s Sliver. Then they closed it all down with a great version of Buddy Holly.

We saw Weezer way way back in 1995 with Archers of Loaf opening for them. At that show Archers kicked their butts. Weezer was dealing with new found success then and they had a bad attitude. But since I loved the new album so much and it had been well over a decade we decided it was time to give them another shot at a live show. I’m so glad I did. It was the best arena show I’ve ever seen. They were into it, they gave so much, they shared and they got all of us to participate. It helps that they now have a freaking amazing body of work behind them and a deep well to draw from for content.

As my husband smartly stated when it was done. “Success wears on them well”. Thanks Weezer. Way to be the best rock band ever!

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