With Great Risk Comes Great Reward

Great risk can bring great reward. Great risk can also bring great loss. That’s why it’s a risk. I remember when I started an IRA account. I was rolling over my very first 401k because I was moving on to a new job. My financial advisor at the time was VERY CLEAR with me. “The stock market is a risky place for your money.” That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest and it doesn’t mean that you won’t make money over the long run, but she wanted me to understand. It was a RISK. She even had my husband and I sign a paper saying we understood this concept.

riskNow we hear that we are in big trouble on the news. I have not heard any good reasons for a loan that is almost a Trillion dollars. This is so big it could literally bankrupt our government. If you think ‘social’ programs have seen a bum rap under a Republican government, just wait til we are carrying that kind of debt.

It gives me pause that so many are rushing to support something that George Bush thinks needs to happen so quickly. We have seen examples of this and they have done nothing but bring us to disaster and strife. I have no confidence in him or the people he has chosen to actually identify a real crisis from a natural correction. The stock market it still over 10,000. I remember when it reached 10, 000. It was in the dotboom years. It hasn’t been that high for that long. Sure it fell today. It fell hard. But isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

And this business about banks not loaning money. Isn’t that what banks do? Should we really let this threat be held over our head at the expense of so many other very important things? Is this really our biggest threat? And does it really need to take all of our resources?

I’m just asking people to think a little bit critically about this. Ask a question or two. I bet there are other options. I’m glad it didn’t pass today. I don’t think it should. The consequences of us taking it on scare me much more than what they say is going to happen. They don’t know what is going to happen. But we do know what will happen if they do it. We will not have money for anything else. Are we really willing to go all in for this?


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