Succumbing to Social Media Peer Pressure

A few months ago I posted about signing off Facebook. Alas, being in the social media and User Experience space, I have been forced back on to participate in a few things I will miss out on otherwise.

1) Some members of a professional organization I belong started a conversation about making the organization more open and transparent to the membership. Ironically, this conversation is happening in the Facebook walled garden.

2) Clients are referencing interface elements that I can’t look at without being on Facebook because specific examples are being cited.

3) My friends have all abandoned MySpace for Facebook. I’m missing out on information about them that they assume I’m getting – I guess I’ll be catching up now.

Begrudgingly, I have signed back on to Facebook.  Since I signed back on, over a dozen people have found me. It was an interesting experiement to try to stay away but sometimes you have to go with the flow because taking a stance can have unintended consequences.

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