MySpace – Not a Fan of the Other Internet

I was reading a myspace blog post today. I only read myspace blog post because my friends insist on blogging there from time to time. In this case it was the Skullcranes and they need to do it, so I don’t blame them. 🙂 Anyway……

I went to the blog post:


They appropriately linked to their own web page and pointed their myspace fans to the site so they could download some free music from the Skullcranes.

I clicked the link and myspace tried to WARN me, that might be bad.


Thankfully, myspace is trying to protect me from the free music. UGH. I really hate it when a web site decides that it IS the Internet. It’s not the Internet and the more they try to keep people from leaving the more interested people will become in finding a way out.

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