Life Gets in the Way…

I had plans this weekend. I was going to see my nephew, the one I’d never met. I was also going to celebrate his brother’s birthday. But my doggie got sick and I had to stay home. He’s actually a little more than sick, the x-ray from the vet yesterday told us that he might have an obstruction in his system because his stomach was full of food. It really sucks when you have to pick one family over another. 😦

When I told my mom about this story, she told me about the time she and my dad had watched a dog over the weekend for a friend. That dog had an obstruction and died while the owner was out of town. My mom said she understood and that sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and that we did need to stay home and take care of our pet.

So at least when you have to make that choice, a good family understands.

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