Not Private

I recently discovered that many people are not as savvy about the Internet as you would think. When you post something in your blog. The whole world can see it. You have entered into a public space and everything you post is ‘out there’. Not only is it ‘out there’, it is searchable. So, it’s not like it’s just a big pile of your old papers sitting in your house, it’s a billboard that is not fixed in time or space so it can show up anywhere.

This should be of particular concern for parents today. I remember some of the things I wrote in my journals growing up and I feel very lucky that those things were not typed up and published to the Internet.  It’s a new world and we all have to wake up to the reality of how things have changed and be aware of how all of these new technologies work so we don’t harm ourselves.


  1. For many years searching for my name would bring you up my comments on the He-man message board. Though my knowledge of the powers of Greyskull and my understanding of how He Man and friends fought to protect Eternia from Skeletor are fascinating pieces of information and would certainly aid me in a game of really geeky Quizo, I don’t think it added value to my finding a job in the early years of the Internet. That message board is now gone so I don’t have to worry about that. Oh wait… now I wrote this comment here. I wonder… Doh!

  2. Although part if it is definitely lack of savvy, I also thing there is a healthy dose of good old fashioned wanting to have your cake and eat it too – people like the “anyone could read this! I’m internationally published!” wow-factor of the internet but when negative attention comes the reaction is, what business of yours is it, stranger, if you don’t like it why don’t you just move along! It’s like powered travel, we totally don’t have perspective yet on how small it’s made our world.

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