No Bad Dogs, Just Bad Owners

In a Star Tribune article from last summer new legislation that Rep. John Lesch wants to ban pit bulls, chows, wolf hybrids, Akitas and Rottweilers is outlined.

They want to ban these dogs because of ‘bad things happening’ with these dogs. First off, yes, there are bad people that do bad things. Does this mean you should reach into the rights of everyone in the entire state and exclude their rights & the rights of their animals when they have done nothing wrong?

There are no bad dogs, just bad people. I have no problem with making the owners accountable. I have a big problem with BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). I have a problem with this because it’s a huge infringement of rights AND it doesn’t address the problem of people being attacked by dogs.

If you are interested in more on this topic, visit the A Rotta Love Plus web site breed specific legislation section which is providing many links and information about the activity around the legislation.

One comment

    Hello fellow American. I will keep this short. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a proud part of American history. Remember “Our Gang”? Spanky and friends had a dog named Pete. He was an APBT. They represent everything that is is to be American. This is “to be smart, strong and family orientated”. Please do not let the actions of a few punish the many. I spoke with a man who delivered a Fed Ex package to me. He liked my dog (although she looks intimidating as well as friendly). With 30 years of delivering packages for Fed Ex he had NEVER come across a vicious APBT.
    Do some cold calling and surveys of delivery people. See what kind of experiences they have had with the APBT.
    Just as Hitler came for those who could not stick up for themselves, BSL is trying to eradicate (as well as take away rights never to be brought back – rights Americans and theirs dogs fought and died for) an entire species.
    Please vistit The Connecticut Military Department web site at There you will find an article to read about Stuby the war dog. It is under “History and Adventure”.
    May god forgive us for the attempt to kill off a species (1,ooo+ killed off in Colorado with a 1 year jail term for dog owners). To limit one APBT per family is like China limiting people to one child. A limit like this WILL create puppy mills. This breed loves to play. To watch two American Pit Bull Terriers at play is pure joy (especially a momma and her pup). This is a property right issue. If property rights continue to be limited, owners are forced to leave and seek a new life else where.
    Remember, the rights that are “THE MOST IMPORTANT TO PROTECT, ARE THE RIGHTS YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN”. Sincerely, Another American under constant attack

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