Shifting Perspectives: Returning from a trip

We were on a long vacation and I’m finally reintegrated back to my ‘real’ life. It’s good to take a break. You need to take a break. You shift perspective, get out of ruts, start doing things differently every day and open your mind just a little bit. I took a break from my digital life. Some call it unplugging.

Besides, my husband was the blogger on our vacation, so I didn’t need to document all of it.

See his posts:

Greetings From Amsterdam
Amsterdam Day 2 – What Do You Mean There’s No Mexico City?
Rotterdam is for (Architecture) Lovers

I did, of course, take some photos.

Amsterdam highlights:

1) Street fries with mayo

2) Rotterdam day trip
3) The houseboat we stayed on
4) Hanging out for 8 days in Europe with friends
5) Dutch chocolate and coffee
6) ART, art and some more art: include Andy Warhol Retrospective and Van Gogh Museum
7) Public Transportation: trams and bikes and trains: oh my!
8) Canals
9) That moody sky
10) Scarves NOT hats
11) Architecture
12) Dutch culture
13) Coca-cola with real sugar (in fact none of the usual processed food suspects had high fructose corn syrup)
14) The cemetery we visited
15) Lots of walking followed by soaking in the hot tub.We returned last Tuesday, November 6th. It took me until Saturday night to recover from the jet lag. But now I am recovered, rested, recharged and reflecting back on the satisfaction of a shifted perspective.

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