It’s Finally Happened, I Think in Browser Speak Now

I have been using a web browser for a very long time. Today, I went to write a journal entry and I just wanted it to be for me. I didn’t want to blog it or anything like that. That’s when I realized, I could not think of another way to communicate this. I didn’t go for a pen and paper, I couldn’t think of an application that I would use right off the bat. When I did start thinking about the possibilities, none was right 1) I don’t use MSOffice, 2) StarOffice/NeoOffice/OpenOffice didn’t feel right 3) Google docs, well I wanted this to be my personal diary entry, so putting it on the web definitely involves a level of risk (a small, small risk, but it’s there). The only thing that felt right was my trusty blog posting software. It’s so comfortable to create my entries, this expression was just like a blog post, except I didn’t want to share it. 🙂

It was a strange discovery. I could only think and expound in the blog post environment. So instead of writing that diary entry, I had to write this blog post first. It’s odd when we make discoveries about ourself that are so telling of our own reality. It’s obviously become a creatively comfortable environment for me, but is it a crutch? And if this means of communication is such an important avenue for me, why do I still have the default theme? (:) )

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  1. It is definitely interesting when we find these pieces of ourselves in our behaviors 🙂 Today I decided to switch my mouse so I would exercise my left hand more (I’m ambidextrous). I found that for certain actions (like for something as mundane as emptying Windows’ trash can), my brain involuntarily forced my right hand towards the mouse even though I was consciously trying not to do that. Things become second nature easily if you don’t pay attention. I think this is why people have mid-life crisis – they wake up one day and notice really mundane trivial things they do without paying attention and get freaked out about not having control over themselves.

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