Meeting Locals and Finding New Content

I went to camp yesterday. That’s two weekends in a row I’ve been camping. This weekend was indoors at Flat Earth Brewing. I met several interesting people and had a great day of conversations and creative inspiration. I went to get that and I was not disappointed.

Today I’ve been sorting through my notes from it. One site that I did manage to capture was The Uptake. It was a really interesting time to find out about the site because I went there and immediately the content was relevant to me. Perhaps us podcasters share a demographic, so it might not be surprising.

There is a video about something that happened last week here in the Twin Cities. A video about the visit our president made to the state for a fundraiser. At the time it didn’t feel right that the president was causing such a traffic jam here (of all places-the bridge falling down recently massively screwed us in terms of BAD traffic) for fundraising. I’m guessing there would have been a less intrusive approach to coming to MN to raise money for Norm Coleman. I’m not saying he should not have come, but he really inconvenienced the entire population. I guess you don’t have to be considerate when you are president. This one has certainly shown himself to be unaware of what the people he is supposed to be serving need.

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