The Complexity of Nutrition

I’ve been reading a really interesting book lately. The strange thing is that I didn’t seek it out, it really found me. It came to me through a web site solicitation. I saw the title and felt that it might be what I’m seeking in terms of knowledge in its subject matter. I’m reading it because I’ve been on a quest. I’ve been on a quest to understand my health, my body, my fitness and nutrition. There is much information out there and it is very, very confusing. I’ve been through so many ‘plans’. I’ve known for the past 4-5 years that it’s really about your lifestyle and a holistic approach. I’ve been working diligently during these past 4-5 years in fits and starts to move toward wellness.

It started because my body made me pay attention. 

I wasn’t well. I didn’t want to admit it but my body made me.

So once my body got my attention, I did begin some activities that really changed my health. I immediately stopped drinking soda at that time and ever since then I’ve picked up one or two good habits here and there along the path. It’s like I’ve been collecting these habits over time to build my future. I guess it’s my plan to counteract aging.

Recently, I’ve been reading this book, the one I told you about earlier, and I feel as if I am crossing a new threshold in my understanding of the relationship between my health and my consumption. Let me again state that in our dizzying culture, this is becoming insanely complex. We are drowning in food and processes of obtaining that food that make us sick. It’s difficult to figure any of this out. It takes time and patience. You should be skeptical and you should read labels not marketing. Know what you are putting in your body. It’s really almost as simple as that old saying, ‘you are what you eat.’

I have been frustrated in this process many times, but over the years I have come to realize, as long as you keep pushing forward in your knowledge and keep building on the good habits along the way, you will get to health. It’s a personal journey to figure out what that means to you-both health and pushing forward but if you are actively participating in it and trying to understand, you will get there.

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