Don’t Turn Right Here

Did you know…..

Rich people don’t want you to drive on their street. Somehow, they deserve a street without cars. (from the hours of 7-9 am anyway…)

It’s a long story, but my husband and I were driving around Lake Calhoun at 7:50 am today. We were going into Uptown from our home and taking city streets. We were driving along the lake and happened to turn right to reach our destination.

There was a park police man sitting there waiting for people to turn right. He gave us a $147 ticket because we turned right on a road in a rich neighborhood. We saw no signs. There was no traffic coming from the other direction. We were turning right for freakin sake. Apparently that turn was not only illegal but also costly. It was in fact more costly than running a red light. WTF?

I know it’s such a minor thing to complain about in all the injustices of the world. I am a sheltered, work from home, upper middle class, white woman so I don’t really experience this kind of class system treatment as often as many people do. But I have to say, i made me feel just a little bit angrier toward the greedy people and more patient with people who are less fortunate than me. Just in case you were wondering, you do not ‘deserve’ less traffic on your street because you have more money. All the taxes paid for that road in front of your house.

With Bastille day approaching, it just felt very, ‘let them eat cake’.

P. S. I’d rather just pay the taxes than have dumb rules that only service people in nice neighborhoods.

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