Oh Ralpie…..

CNN is not news. I cite the following example.

Twice, Anderson Cooper let him say it twice.

Ralph Reed was on CNN tonight and

he said,

‘same tired discredited liberal agenda of higher taxes, government run health care, abortion on demand, cut and run in Iraq, a retreat rather than a foward strategy in the war on terrorism…….’

and again said,

‘ not going to respond to a liberal , big government, abortion on demand agenda’

He was criticizing the Dems for going religious.

Wow, that’s a lot of hate for someone that claims to love God so much.

Live and let live Ralpie. I’m not thrilled that religion is dominating the conversation but apparently people need to hear about it. This has been a wedge issue and he’s probably upset that there is an attempt to redefine the space of ‘abortion on demand, big government wussies.’

How is this ‘news I can trust’? Isn’t that what they say? Sigh.

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